Friday, August 1, 2008

Weird Weight Fluctuations

Gone are the days where I stayed one weight no matter what I did or didn't do. Lately since I've started becoming a bit more active, I find my weight behaving strangely. Somedays I'm up 2 kilos and then magically the next day I'm down 1.5 kilos. Of course the net effect of all this is that I'm still up 0.5 kilos, which is frustrating because I think I'm doing more exercise than I've ever done...ever!

I remember when I first started taking lessons with my personal trainer, I had to do a fitness test where they put you on this fancy machine that runs a current through you...blah blah blah...and voila! it comes up with your body fat content. I had started my running regime then and was doing rockclimbing weekly, so I thought I'd ace this test, no problems. I was sooooo wrong. I failed it miserably. I came up with 30% body fat which is way way over what the average woman has.

You see, what happened is (or at least my esteemed theory on the whole matter) is that I started running so I could eat more. So I ate more. I don't snack, I've never been a big fan of snacking, but I did start having 4 full meals a day. Soon I realised that I was no longer eating because I ran, I had moved into dangerous ground, I was eating so much I was now having to run because if I didn't I risked ballooning into...I can't even start to imagine what. Because I don't actually put on weight in obvious areas, I never really noticed the weight gain until I stepped on the scales the other day and realised I had put on a whopping 3 kilos!

So I think I have to start eating like a normal person again. It's not even as if I'm running all that far to justify eating so much in the first place. What can I say? I just love my food, but I think it's time to admit that my metabolism isn't anything like it used to be.

On a separate note, I'm so glad today is my rest day. Drinkies till half two at night and sleeping barely 5 hours do not tired muscles heal. My left forearm's been aching since Wednesday when I finally ventured back to the driving range after a long absence, and my legs are really aching from yesterday's pathetic 4k run. I think what I needed last night was a good long rest and not copious amounts of wine. Ah well, I'll work on sleeping earlier tonight. Fingers crossed it'd all work out well because tomorrow's going to be an exhausting day!

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