Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Slow Step Back to the Grind

After Bintan I was so happy. I could drink freely, do something other than swimming every other day and stop freaking out about cycling. Then I remembered I signed up for a halfie in July. Which means it's back to my runs again.

However, since I only have to train up my running, I now have time to go back on my walks! On Sunday, I went off to do Dairy Farm-Mandai with C, an awesome American chica. We started off around the same time as some bikers and they caught up with us about mid-way through. Actually, I think they may have lapped us and gone on their second round, but we like to think we were really legging it. Which would explain my aching calf muscle on Monday.

Anyhoooo, yesterday I officially started my halfie training with a 5k run. About 3k through I had a stitch but struggled through with Adele, Bruno Mars and Tina Turner. I dread to think of the 11k I'm supposed to be doing this week. Maybe I should move it to next week instead.

What I did:
Sunday: 2hr walk
Yesterday: 5k in 35 mins