Friday, April 30, 2010

Pics from the Tri-Bob Duathlon

I only put them in because I look cool in them. Well, at least I think so if anything!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Still No Running

I need to change that little thing I wrote at the top of this blog about running and how I enjoy it since I haven't actually done any running at all (races aside - even then 'running' is used fast and loose) in the last few months. This weekend was no different.

I started the weekend having real grandiose plans - Saturday I'd wake up early for swim training and then pilates after and Sunday I'd go cycling in the morning and climbing in the afternoon. Surprise surprise I only accomplished 50% of that.


Swim training kind of fell off the radar when I got to bed mad late on Friday after a night of the wines with my sister at the Club. I managed to drag myself out of bed for a much missed Pilates session with Karrie and felt better for it. Although, as always, Karrie decided on giving us a real killer session and my left tricep (yes, only the left one) is aching. The rest of the day was spent at my alumni's AGM where a rather tragic number of people turned up.

Headed to church after. I'm not a regular attendee of the Saturday service, but I had big plans to do a lot of things on Sunday, so I thought I'd leave my Sunday morning open to accomplishing that. My good ole buddy dropped me off at home and ogled my bike after, so it ended up being a pretty neat day.


In spite of all my 'get up early to bike' plans, I did not get up early and I did not bike in the morning. Instead I lounged around reading my book. Then I went for an early lunch - still had plans of going biking - and cancelled my climb class. After lunch I went for a couple of cocktails with my sister. In the middle of the day. By this time, I had pretty much counted the day as lost. BUT I still made it out biking! I dragged my sister along with me and went for a 2 hr ride at East Coast, sweated out the alcohol (frankly my cocktails tasted pretty much like fruit punches) and worked off the cocktail calories.

So overall it wasn't that bad a weekend. Granted I didn't actually do everything I planned to do, but I did finish my book ('Evidence' by Jonathan Kellerman - did I ever mention I was a big psychological thriller/murder mystery fan?!?) and I did get some exercise in. And the AGM wasn't overly dramatic, so life was all good!

What I did:
Last Wednesday: 1 hr Personal Training
Saturday: 1 hr Pilates
Sunday: 2 hr Bike ride (approx 26k covered...t'was a slow ride admittedly)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

OSIM Singapore International Triathlon - Mini Category Race Report

Firstly I'm really proud of myself for showing up. I had been starting to develop this bad habit of not showing up for races when I did them alone so the fact that I was even at the start point was, to me, a pretty big deal!

For a first (albeit the wimpy category) triathlon, the weather couldn't be better. It was overcast the throughout the entire race and didn't start raining till I was done. Okay, it probably wasn't so great for the guys in the sprint category, I don't really care. Hah!

I got to East Coast about an hour early to set up shop in the transition area (TA). Hunted around for a bag drop, and realised my little allocated space in the TA was pretty much my bag drop/swim transition/run transition/etc etc (talk about multi-purpose!). After organising everything nicely, I had a pee in what had to be the filthiest portaloos and I was ready to warm up and go!

Swim Leg

I started somewhere in the front. I've learnt that starting behind really really sucks because I just keep getting kicked in the face by all these breast-strokers. As it was, even though I started near the front, I still had someone swim over me (very weird moment!), had someone slap my hand a few times and someone kick me somewhere.

Truth is, I don't think I felt much during the swim because I was all pumped up with adrenalin. I did find a couple of scratches here and there when I was showering, but well. And I guess I can't complain all too much about the kicking because I know I did give someone a kick in the face. I also stopped and apologised. Which makes me rock, because no one else actually stopped to apologise and I did! All the same, this 200m swim was way longer than the 200m swim at the Tri-bob Aquathlon, and we were swimming against a pretty fierce current, so that took quite a bit out of you.

I think I could have afforded to put a bit more into the swim, but I kept thinking I still had a bike ride and a run to go, so I held back on power Gerry! I did pretty okay though, came in 11th out of 120 peeps so I'm not complaining!

Time: 08:20 minutes

Bike Leg

This was a pretty bad moment for me. I thought I was going pretty damn fast but tons and tons of mountain bikes were overtaking me. It was just demoralising after a while. I tried to go a bit faster, but then my brain kept constantly reminding me I still had a run to do. After my speedy swim, this was really nothing to scream about. In fact it was kind of blah. By the time I was done and got to the TA, I was pretty tired. I guess I haven't really been doing as much cycling training as I thought I did. My legs were wobbly and I just couldn't run in with my bike. Well, I tried and I ran into my bike wheel, so I opted for strolling in with my bike. Came in 55th for this leg - not cool

Time: 33:18mins

Run Leg

Not my proudest moment. It was a 2k run, the weather was great for a run and what did I do? I strolled. I ambled along slowly. I wasn't even brisk walking. Of course I had a stitch. I hadn't done any running the past goodness-knows-how-long, what else did I expect. So this leg proved (doh!) to be my downfall. I don't even have anything to say about it because nothing happened. Had (a very humiliating) 101st slowest time for this leg needless to say.

Time: 15:38mins

Overall Time: 57:44 (Ranked 55th)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Humpy Grumpy Camel

I'm in a mood today. A rather grouchy one. Maybe it's a lack of sleep. Maybe it's just that I find boys have double standards and won't ever admit it (plus they're every bit as self-absorbed as they think we are!). Maybe it's because I'm aching from swim training. Maybe it's just that I woke up on the wrong side of bed. Maybe it's all of the above. I really just want to go to a corner and cry like a baby. Aaaaaargh! This sucks ass.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting Lazy

Since the last entry, I've made numerous plans to run and have in reality achieved a big fat ZERO in mileage. It's weird, I've just managed to just turn off running. I've also not been swimming as much, ignored text messages from my trainer to go for PT classes this week and only did 1 bike ride this weekend. Of course I would choose to get lazy just before my first ever mini tri! I am by far one of the greatest underperformers of all time.

What I've done:
Thursday - 1 hr Swim training
Friday - Biked 26k
Saturday - 2hr Climbing