Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back to Inertia

So the problem with doing a dress rehearsal and doing it semi-decently is that you wind up being too cocky and doing absolutely nothing by way of preparation after. Since my swim and climb on Saturday I have only managed one miserable little run on the treadmill on Tuesday. Every day I've made plans to wake up at stupid o'clock in the morning and every day I've not met those plans. And I know at the back of my head it's because there's a little voice there saying 'you don't have to do anything, you've already practiced and you were fine'...oh the laziness!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Dress Rehearsal

I've been pretty good last week. Other than Tuesday where I went a bit nuts and slept at 2am, I pretty much have been getting 7 hours of sleep in a day and also getting some training in here and there. I did a 1.2k swim on Tuesday, a 900m swim on Thursday and ran 4k on Friday. Running has taken a back seat to swimming and my pathetic-ness at it is evidence of that. I had a stitch early on in the run and pretty much hobbled the last 1k of the dang 4k. I guess I'll start running properly again after the swim race this Sunday.

So Saturday last week as a whole dress rehearsal, I trotted off to Sentosa's Tanjong Beach to see if i could do a 1k swim confidently. Maaaan, I obviously forgot how long 500m actually was, because when I got to the beach and saw that I had to swim from one end to the other twice, I freaked out. But I had dragged R down and I couldn't possibly NOT do the swim, so into the water I went. The last time I did a swim in the sea, I was with a whole bunch of girls being kicked in the face and I had to constantly remind myself not to freak out. Essentially I thought the only reason I was freaking out was because I was getting kicked constantly. But when I was swimming by myself on Saturday, there was a period where there was a sudden surge of waves and I started panicking. It's insane actually, I continued swimming but my head was just filled with thoughts of how I might get sucked into an undercurrent and drown miserable. Talk about positive thinking, huh.

All the same, I completed the swim safe and sound, thank you very much and R and I went off for some kickass curry. And me being a person of extremes headed off for climb classes after. Completely overdid the exercise and wound up doing nothing on Sunday because I was all achy!

Easy swim again tonight! Just to keep the whole stamina there and all!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Drama Drama

The past few weeks have been filled with drama. We've just had our alumni AGM last Saturday and I got elected as President (woohoo!). Unfortunately, there's a faction of not-so-nice people (I'm exaggerating when I say that...there are only 2 nasty people) who've been spewing lies and half-truths about R and I via email to random people. I've had to take the high road, which meant shutting up and not tearing them to shreds for a was soooo hard! It's hard enough to get me to shut up on a normal day, but when I'm pissed off with someone? Gah, sheer torture.

Nonetheless what's gotten me through all this have been my swims, well, and some runs...although the swims have been more zen-like than the runs. Your brain stops working on overdrive, you stop over-analysing and you stop hating people (who fully deserve to be hated) quite as much. Peace out doods!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Post Sevens

I was a bit less lazy post-sevens. For one I actually dragged myself to spin classes last Thursday (the night before the long weekend where people were partying the night away! And I was sweating my lungs out...okay, I went for drinks after), went climbing on the last 2 Saturdays, swam 1.2k yesterday and squeezed some windsurfing in here and there. It sounds like I've achieved so much, but really, this was all done over a 2 week period and a lot of it in between was spent lazing around. Sigh....

Had my first full body health check this morning and I was shuttled from one place to another to go through a whole battery of tests. Most depressing is the body fat test, where I think I heard wrongly, but if I didn't, I'm going to have to eat super duper healthy from now on. No more chicken skin, fatty pork, deep fried food...just plain old boring healthy crap...well, that and waaaay more exercise than I'm doing now. Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hong Kong Sevens 2009

My second year at the Sevens and I enjoyed it as much as I did last year. I ramble on constantly about how I really don't like rugby, but the Sevens is great for someone like me with a short attention span. If the game's dull, it'd be over in 15 minutes and something new'll be on in no time!

But of course the Sevens is never just about the rugby, it's also about the booze, which surprisingly I didn't really do a lot of this time around. I also got to meet up with all my really good friends from Hong Kong over delicious meals and cheeky glasses of vino. Timmy made it up from Malaysia as well, so it was really a big reunion the bunch of us.

The day before flying back to Singapore, R and I went for the Dragon's Back hike. I had been there previously with Jimbo, Stepho and my sis, and the walk was very enjoyable. Very pleasant and easy with fantastic scenery all around. Unfortunately, because R and I got there pretty late on, we ended up rushing through the entire trek partly because I was freaked about being stuck up in the middle of nowhere when it got dark. Soooo, because of my paranoia, I now have a new PB (2hrs 15 mins) for Dragon's Back. Hah! I might throw in some shots we took during the trek, hopefully sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, my calves and shins still ache a little 2 days after the walk which is just a little on the tragic side.