Monday, August 4, 2008

Aches and Pains

This weekend was spent in extremes. Saturday I went a bit mad, woke up early-ish (well, early by my standards after a Friday night at least), and went for a very short run, went off to the driving range to hit a couple of balls and spent the rest of the day windsurfing. I paid dearly on Sunday...which gave me the very easy excuse to sit around all day 'resting'.

My best friend and I were talking about the runner's high that running people always talk about, but which we haven't to date achieved. I realise I don't get any high from running. I just get tired, breathless and very aware of each muscle aching. As much as so many people claim that after running a while, one would reach a zen-like state, I don't think I've ever come even close to that! That at least is my excuse as to why I only ran a mere 2k in about 15 minutes on Saturday morning. It was oh so hot and about 3 minutes into the run, I sensed a stitch forming. I'm actually curious as to why I get stitches when I'm running outside and not when I'm running on the treadmill? I guess I have to build up the milege run outdoors slowly and steadily. I'm actually getting worried that I'm getting too used to running in a controlled environment and that my body can't get used to the heat outside.

Windsurfing was a bit disappointing this weekend. The wind was my perfect kind of wind ie not too light that I couldn't move and not too strong that I'd get thrown over. The problem was there was a race going on and I was super paranoid about crashing into the racers (?) so when I was miles away from them, I'd be desperately trying to turn away. I'm not the biggest fan of the onshore wind as well. Because one always sails perpendicular to the wind, I constantly find myself going left and right of the shore and having a nightmare of a time trying to get back to shore. Oh well, maybe it'd be better next weekend. I'd hate to think that I'm regressing windsurfing-wise.

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