Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Spin Class..or Lack Thereof

I had big plans yesterday to go for the spin class at my gym. No, hang on, I've had big plans the whole of last week to go for spin class. I had psyched myself up and was convinced that I could go for one spin class and not collapse halfway through the class and I was excited about it. Unfortunately, despite arriving at the gym a good 20 minutes before the class started, the class was fully booked up. I use 'unfortunately' very loosely, because a little part of me sighed a HUGE sigh of relief. It wasn't that I was chickening out, no, the universe had decided that I shouldn't go for spin class.

To digress, what is with the crowded gym on a Monday? Yes yes, I know I was there on Monday as well, but I'd like to think that because I'm there every other day as well, that I don't count as one of the 'Monday gym bunnies'.

Back to original rant, I didn't go for spin class yesterday, but I do want to go for one to see how bad it is...and perhaps never return. Oooh, there's a class tomorrow, maybe I'll go check it out then. Although, I've got personal training and I know I'll be aching at the end of the day...aaargh, too many decisions! Maybe I'll just leave it till next week and see how it goes.

PS: I did cycle 6 miles on the gym bike and did some half-hearted crunches in the end, so I wasn't altogether lazy yesterday

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