Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Body Fat Woes

I've never really been concerned with body fat percentage...simply because I didn't think I had much. When I was younger I ran around all the time, so everything I ate got metabolised really quickly and I could eat all kinds of crap, but not have it show up. Sadly, age is catching up with me and all the past 28 years of crap eating habits are now ingrained in my very being and the metabolism ain't anything like it was before.

I mentioned previously taking the whole body fat calculation thingamajig and scoring a pathetic 30% (I just found out it was actually 31.3%), well I took that test again today and have now managed to lower the percentage to 28.9%. Woohoo! 4.9% more to go before I have the body fat percentage of a normal woman and even more to go before I can consider myself an athlete. Moments like these are sobering and depressing, 2.4% in 4 months! And all the exercise I've done! Although admittedly, I did slack off a lot in the middle.

Well, I know that for the next week, I'll be good and eat lean, non deep-fried, unsweetened, unprocessed (read: very boring and tasteless) food. But I also do know that I'm not really a bland food kind of person and in no time, I'll probably be back eating a bunch of crap. I guess this means I just have to run longer and further.

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