Monday, August 11, 2008

The Failed Long Run

I was supposed to do my long run on Sunday. I didn't do it because I was too lazy. And well, I was being a bit of a wuss as well - the thought of running 8k just scared me silly. So my Sunday was just spent sitting around all day watching the Olympics. Didn't go windsurfing, didn't do my 8k run, didn't go down to join the guys for ultimate frisbee....essentially I was a big lazy ass...and yes, now that I've listed all the things I didn't do on Sunday, I actually am feeling ashamed of myself.

Nonetheless, I did wake up early enough on Saturday morning and went for a 3k run and discovered that I'm incapable of running outdoors anymore. I get tired within 2 seconds, a stitch forms after 2 minutes, my legs ache, it's hot...essentially it's incessant whining in my head the entire while. I'm thinking of taking music out the next time. I try not to run with music because I'm always worried about being ploughed down by a car (I'm a control freak, I don't trust Singaporean drivers to be aware of my presence), but I need something to take my mind off my own whining.

Went down windsurfing on Saturday afternoon and I finally know what I've been doing wrong the past few weeks. To cut the long story short, over the past couple of weeks I managed to pick up the bad habit of perching too much on the side of the board such that I was basically sailing lopsided. I've been pretty demoralised lately over windsurfing because I just felt I hit a wall windsurfing-wise. I wasn't getting any better and it just seemed I was getting worse! But Saturday Mr Miyagi (wax on, wax off!) came down to the club and all was well once more. He told me what I was doing wrong, he told me how to get better and when the wind picked up just before the storm, I grabbed my board and sail and I flew! Well, there were other people out at sea who'd beg to differ, but to me at least, that was the fastest I'd ever gone and it was absolutely thrilling!

I've got a spin class tonight, I made sure I paid the extra 2 bucks to confirm my reservation, so now I'm good to go and die a miserable death! This week my running mileage goes up an extra kilometre, so tomorrow I shall push for 6km (which might have felt more achievable had I done the darn 8k run over the weekend, and not chosen to laze). Wish me luck for tonight! I'll probably need loads.

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