Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tri-bob Singapore Sprint Series: Mini Aquathlon Race Report

I came in 9th in my category for the swim leg! How awesome am I! Of course I failed at my run and managed a very sad 32nd place. I finished 21st overall which meant that at least 12 people overtook me in the run!

The swim leg this year started in the middle of nowhere. Unlike last year, the event was moved to Siloso beach this year and the start point was shifted to the middle of the lagoon. So essentially you crossed a bridge to a little beach where you had to swim to the start point and tread water till the race actually starts. I'm sure someone thought it was a splendid idea. They were wrong. I'm pretty alright with treading water and swimming in the sea, but it just wasn't fair to other people who didn't feel as comfortable drifting around. Maybe that's why I got 9th! (I feel this need to constantly bring this up somehow!)

There was a pretty strong current in our favour when we started and I really didn't feel like I expended much energy in the entire swim leg. Somehow the 250m didn't feel any bit like 250m. And I really don't think it's because I've trained a lot in the past month and was so well-prepared that 250m felt like nothing. I think they measured wrong.

The run leg was a nightmare. The first 100m went well. I was pretty darn proud of myself. I was giving myself mental back pats, gloating in the fact that I was near the front end of a race for a change. It very rapidly went downhill after. I had a stitch on one side. So I tried breathing different. Then I had a stitch on the other side as well. I thought I'd run a little slower, but my legs stopped listening to me and happily ran their own merry way until I had to come to a complete stop. Drank some water. Waved at G as she was heading to her run. Trotted slowly to water stop. Got told off by a volunteer that I wasn't taking the race seriously (What was it to him anyway how I was taking the race). Near the end I figured I should dig in my heels and run madly to the finish line. So that's what I did. And I overtook 1 person. Woo hoo.

I wanted to throw up after the entire experience. I knew my swim went well, but the run just took everything out of me. Especially since I've been avoiding running training in the past few weeks/months. It's 2 days after the race and my legs are still a bit sore. Boohoo.

Race results:
Swim leg: 200m in 2min 46s (I think the distance/time is wrong, there's no way I swam that fast)
Transition: 1min 11s
Run leg: 2.5k in 16min 15s
Total: 20min 14s

Incidentally what I have since the last post:
Wednesday: Swam 300m
Thursday: Swim training 1 hr
Saturday: Pilates 1 hr

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