Monday, March 29, 2010


What have I done since my race? The answer - Picked up one nasty stomach upset that pretty much put every exercise-related activity on the backseat and any toilet-related one right up front. It's been a pretty miserable last week. But I did manage to squeeze in a short short swim the weekend before last before being a pathetic mess for the next few days.

Last Friday I thought the worst was over and went out for food with two of my best girls for dinner....and drinks. Bad idea. Well, the drinks, not the company. Obviously we played till too late, which meant everything I planned to do Saturday morning went to the dogs. I did climb in the afternoon, but then my tummy acted up again.

I didn't learn my lesson and went out again on Saturday night for Mongolian food and more drink. Now my stomach is just all messed up and I'm not a happy bunny. That said, I did manage a 24k bike ride from the windsurfing club to SAF Ferry Terminal! Okay, it's not THAT far but what the hell, I'm happy with it and that's all that matters.

Meanwhile, I'm taking a break from alcohol, oily food, dairy products and anything that could potentially send me rushing to the toilet again! And this mission starts after I finish my last latte for a while...sigh.....

What I've done:
Saturday:1.5hr Rockclimbing
Sunday: 24k Bike ride

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