Monday, March 8, 2010

A Half Eventful Weekend

Essentially Saturday was good and Sunday was bad.

Woke up early after a good night's sleep and brought my new bike down to East Coast Park for a ride. Didn't know how to take the front wheel off in the morning so loaded it into the cab precariously. Got it to East Coast all the same and did a nice 20 over KM ride from the windsurfing club to Changi Beach and back. I managed to get a couple of the windsurfing guys to teach me what to do with my wheels so managed to get the front wheel off the bike on the cab ride home. Legs ached but it was all good. I then rushed for my best gal's birthday party and proceeded to stuff my face. Fantastic party in a really rustic restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Happy Birthday Jenny!

Then it all turned pear-shape. I met a friend who was leaving Singapore for her farewell around 5.30pm. And that was also when I started the drinkies. I finished the drinkies at 1am. Not good.

Struggled to get up for church. Went to church massively hungover and sleepy and (sorry God!) found it really difficult following the sermon. In fact, I don't any part of the sermon except that it was about the gift of prophesy. Headed off to visit an aunt we hadn't seen in a while - also as a sort of very very late Chinese New Year visiting...I stuffed my face (for the second time in two days) and then made it for what was probably the most pointless rockclimbing session I've ever had. I achieved absolutely nothing with that class. I was tired, my arms/legs weren't listening to my brain, my brain was was just so very very pointless. I feel bad even getting my instructor to go down to give me such a lame lesson since I was pretty hopeless.

So there you are. A half eventful weekend. One day packed and the other wasted. Moral of the story: STAY OFF THE DRINKIES!...or just not drink for as long as I did. To the next weekend then!

What I did:
Saturday - 20k cycling
Sunday - 1.5hr of "rockclimbing"

On a last note, I need a name for my new bike! It's not been christianed yet!


Anonymous said...

got a name for your bike yet? =)


Gerry said...

No name for bike yet! Although Ultraman was one of the contenders for bike names...haha