Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tri-bob Singapore Sprint Series: Mini Duathlon Race Report

G bailed on me for this race. Boo to her. Technically it wasn't really her fault since her bike couldn't fit into the cab and she couldn't get to the race...BUT seeing as I was all by my miserable self in Seng Kang while she got back into bed and probably had a good day's sleep, I don't feel particularly sympathetic!

The race started at 9.30am and it was already bleeding hot then. *If you realise that I keep complaining about the weather, it's really because it is so darn hot in Singapore!* I started off slowly for the 1.5k run leg (I mentioned before that G and I decided to go the wimp way and signing up for only mini categories in the Sprint Series this year) but people started dropping in the heat so I overtook a number of people here and there. I tried to pace myself knowing I still had to do a 12k bike ride followed by another 1.5k run after.

I was slow in transition. Kind of forgot where I put my bike so had to backtrack and find it. Then I slowly wheeled it out of the transition area. I think the heat had gotten to me by then.

The bike leg was...well...okay. I don't think I was super speedy, but I don't think I was THAT slow either. There were times when I was tired and there were times I got my second wind. I really don't think I thought much about it either way actually!

The next transition was when it really really started sucking. I got off my bike and wheeled it back into transition and realised my legs were as heavy as stone. That wasn't too good seeing as I was going to start my run soon. Anyhow, chucked the bike back, tried to shake off the lactic acid and started on the last run leg.

The last 1.5k was a nightmare. My brain was screaming at my legs and my legs just had a life of their own. Or rather they didn't. I couldn't move them as fast as I was pumping my arms...which of course made me look completely stupid. So I stopped and walked. And walked. And walked. I tried to trot a little, but ended up walking to the water stop. I just had nothing left in me. Grabbed an isotonic drink and thought I'd run the last 200m. Yes it's sad, that's all the distance I ran in the final 1.5k run leg.

So I checked my average time and it was (surprise surprise) below average. Overall I finished 25th out of 47 people in the category.

Race Results:
1.5k Run: 09:01mins (15th in category)
12k Bike: 32:18mins (22nd in category)
1.5k Run: 13:33mins (37th in category)
Total: 57:39mins

After the race, I went down to the windsurfing club and met up with the rest of the gang and had a couple of wines before Merle and I decided to go for a bike ride. I walked with her to bike rentals to get a bike and then both of us did a comfortable 20k ride in our flip flops.

So now my ankles hurt and I'm pretty sure that it's from doing 20k in flip flops. But it could well be that I'm so damn unfit a small little mini duathlon just floored me.

What I've done:
Last Tuesday: 1hr Spin then ran 800m on treadmill
Last Wednesday: 1hr PT class
Sunday: 20k bike ride

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