Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Schleeepy and Achy

I haven't been sleeping well lately. My body clock's been all over the place since the race and has been exacerbated by the fact I had to wake up at some godforsaken hour on Monday to get to the office early and finish some work (my own fault for procrastinating).

I think the alcohol nights since Saturday haven't helped too. On Saturday (yes, that's the night before my race - in hindsight it probably wasn't the brightest idea) I had wines at Caitriona's. On Sunday...on Sunday I actually didn't drink much because I was so wiped out. Monday was drinks with Chereen after Ling Long's birthday and yesterday R and I polished off a bottle of wine between us two. Tonight might actually turn out to be an exception drinks-wise and I might just go back home in an alcohol-free state.

So I'm sleepy now especially since I've just had a very tough PT session and I can barely feel my arms/legs/stomach. Hopefully this carries on till tonight and I'll sleep like a baby!

What I've done:
Yesterday - Spin class for 1hr
Today - 1hr PT class

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