Friday, March 5, 2010

Bad Swimming Day

So I figure if I get bad days at running, I probably should get bad days at swimming and last night was it for me. To begin with my muscles were pretty much shot even before swim training. And then the coach had some crazy ass plan scheduled out which involved a lot of finning and paddle work (I HATE paddle work!). The thing is, when I do the pull drills, instinctively I start kicking like a crazy person. It could just be me just not being comfortable breathing on my left pulls. But it made me pretty damn tired kicking with legs that could barely work. It was a sluggish session and I felt like I was doing everything wrong. Obviously I couldn't finish the entire session because I was taking so long doing the drills. Ah well. Just a bad day, I guess. My consolation though is a bad swimming day is still much better than a bad running day. Those are the worst!

What I did yesterday:
1hr swim training

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