Monday, February 22, 2010

My post-snowboarding endeavours

After my blissful time in Hokkaido snowboarding, I decided that I really needed to get back to doing my non-running sports so last weekend I went rockclimbing and windsurfing the next day. The rockclimbing turned out alright, not many aches and pains after, which led me to foolishly think I was uber fit. I have come to the conclusion that it was only because I was sharing my lesson with a good friend, so I climbed for half the time, hence hot and sweaty, but without the aching muscles.

How did I find out? I went windsurfing on Sunday and it was brutal. In essence, I sucked. BIG TIME. I guess it part it was just complete lack of practice. All the bad habits I managed to erase are all back. Which means I'm hardly sailing and I'm just dropping my sail, uphauling it, dropping it, uphauling get the picture. It was very very depressing. All the muscle aches and nothing to show for it. I barely sailed yesterday. Instead half the time was spent hauling my board back to shore to rest because it was so dang tiring! Round 2 next week. Fingers crossed I'll do some sailing!

What I did:
Friday: Ran 3.5k
Saturday: Rockclimbing 2hr (or rather 1hr)
Sunday: Windsurfing


Anonymous said...

Warm up with more windsurfing practice and you'll be planning past them all come SE, like a speedy gonzales!


Gerry said...

Haha....I'm thinking of getting a new mast, my current one is too heavy!