Friday, February 19, 2010

Snowboarding in Hokkaido

I just got back yesterday from Japan and I'm sooooo sad! After 4 straight days of snowboarding in Hokkaido (waaaay too short), I was depressed when we had to pack up and leave for Tokyo. The parents were probably bored out of their mind, since mostly everything about Niseko (or any other ski resort) is just ski ski ski or snowboard snowboard snowboard...Since they did neither of both, they just walked around the village a lot. But the snow...oh the snow in Niseko was heaven. Pure powder. The best day we had was when my sis and I got up for our respective classes at 8.30 in the morning and it was just beautiful, fresh snow. And we were knee-deep in it. It was probably one of the best moments of my life. Or maybe I'm exaggerating, but it was pretty close to being one of the best moments in any case.

After 4 days of sweet snow, we headed to Tokyo and I was pretty bummed. For one, I was used to waking up and doing something for a whole day, but now I was stuck waking up early and going for a short swim then walking around aimlessly in the city. The main problem is, I'm a bad shopper. I don't really go out and buy something unless I need something (okay, there are some days I go a bit mad and just buy random crap) so to be 'shopping' everyday was kind of dull. The food was fantastic though, but you generally expect nothing less from Tokyo. I didn't have a chance to hit any jazz bars (which was my original plan) because I was just too tired at nights. My sister and her bf would generally head back to the room past 1am every night and whilst trying to be as quiet as they could, somehow managed to make just enough noise to wake me. I guess Tokyo would have been great if it came before Hokkaido. Because it was after, it basically just succeeded in being rather dull. I did swim about 3 times there and did a very short run as well, so it wasn't like I just ate and sat on my fat ass!

No pictures. I'm terrible at taking pictures and even more terrible at uploading them. This time around it was too cold for me to want to take my hands out of my gloves to snap a shot, although I am pleased to say that the camera survived the bitter cold that is Hokkaido and is back in Singapore in one piece.

What I did
Mon (8th Feb) - Thurs (11th Feb): Snowboarding
Saturday (13th): 500m Swim
Monday (14th): 45 minutes in the gym
Tuesday (15th): 375m Swim
Wednesday (16th): 375m Swim

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