Friday, July 19, 2013

Silenced the Blerch, Awakened the Stitch

And boy do I like the Blerch more than the Stitch. Got 3k of running in before dinner yesterday and got hit with a stitch about 1km in. I tried breathing differently, I tried pressing in on the bit that hurt, and I tried running a little slower. Nothing helped. I'm not entirely sure how I can swim through a stitch but have so much trouble (and pain!) running through a side stitch. So essentially I started off the run with a good running posture and ended up half running half hobbling in the middle and dashing through the last bit to just get the run over and done with. I guess this is all part of the whole starting running from scratch again, but I did not at any point experience the whole 'peace out' thing in my run last night. Instead I got a lot of pain (see the common theme here?) and a lot of 'I hate myself for signing up for that stupid 8k run when I've done zero training'. Maybe it'll all start getting better once I break 5k...or maybe it'll get worse....but hopefully I'll become one with the pain and reach some level of nirvana where I start embracing all the crap that comes with running.

Meanwhile, how the heck does one get over a side stitch?

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