Monday, July 8, 2013

My first 3K swim and other weekend updates

1. I swam my first 3k! Granted I did it all in sets, but the sense of achievement. Phew! Plus even if it isn't super accurate, Daily Mile calculated that I burned off 621 calories, so I had a completely guilt free curry dinner.

2. I started swimming when it was still bright out and finished off after the sun set. It felt like I was just swimming for ages and ages!

3. I don't like parents who can't manage their kids. Sure it's easy enough for me to say all this since I don't have kids, but aargh. It's a shared pool. As it was I was hugging the wall to get my laps in so it's not as if I were swimming in the middle disrupting the kids. They had 90% of the pool to play in so why couldn't they just stick to the bulk of the pool and leave me my little corner. And their parents were sitting there thinking their precious little devils were oh so cute for cutting me off constantly.

4. A group of older folk jumped in after the kids got out (finally) and they stood around in the pool in a group chatting. Again while there was oh so much space, somehow any swimmer in a pool just draws groups of people towards them. I hit some dude whilst doing back stroke. I think they moved then.

5. Perfume. Someone in that group of older folk must have showered in perfume because every time I got up to breathe when the group was near I was hit with a huge whiff of some overly strong scent. I always assume that people who slather on perfume are just dirty people who don't shower that often and smell a bit so they need something to mask their odor. So that made me think one of the group was a dirty the same pool as me....urgh, don't want to get there.

6. Swimming vs Running. As of Saturday I now actually swim further than I run. Kind of sad, huh. Thing is though, I didn't even need any music when I was swimming. It took me about 1 hour 40 minutes to finish off, but the entire time I wasn't bored or needed some Beyonce to keep me going. I run 10 minutes and my brain is screaming for something to take away from the pounding and the pain. Not entirely sure what that means other than the fact that perhaps I like swimming more than running.

7. In other news I did the same route that Rich and I did last week and powered through all the way back home instead of stopping like the last time. I also strapped on my foot pod. It seems we grossly overestimated how far we walked last week. We thought it was 10k, it really was 5.7k. I ran certain parts of the route this time and landed weirdly on a rock at some stage which means the ball of my foot aches again. Still at least I completed the whole route in less time than we took to do a shorter distance last week. Yay me!

8. I am a big wuss. I filled up a basin with cold water and emptied all my ice trays and chucked in a few cold packs. I stuck both my aching feet into it and I almost died. It was so cold! And so painful! First it was just cold and a bit prickly. Then the ache that comes after. I stuck it out for a minute before yelping in pain and lifting my foot off. That pretty much meant that when I stuck my foot back it I was back to stage one - cold and prickly and then the ache after. It stops hurting so much after a while, but the initial ache from the cold is just indescribable. I pretty much double over and clench my fist through the "ache" stage and hate that I have to ice anything.

9. I've a couple of blisters from where a little stone found it's way between my big toe and my second toe and lodged itself there about 1/2 the walk and another where the top of my shoe rubbed against the side of my ankle and took off a nice little piece of skin. That and my legs ache and my feet hurt. When did I become this old achy person?!?

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