Thursday, July 25, 2013

Running? What Running?

I'm starting to have a very bad feeling about my 8k race coming up. For one last night I did 3k and wound up with a stitch. Again. The good part is I ran through it. The bad part is I was very aware that 3k was probably the only distance I'd be willing to run through whilst nursing a stitch. Ideally it'd be less. No hang on, ideally I wouldn't even have a stitch!

I've also been wondering which distance to sign up for for the North Face 100k (obviously I'm NOT doing the 100k or even the 50k!) and at first I was all eager to go for the 26k, but now I'm wondering if I can even make 13k. So runners out there, I need your advice. Realistically I'm going to aim to do 13k if I'm doing this. The race is on 5th October and currently I'm running a painful 3k (and had to ice my foot AGAIN yesterday). Is there really any point doing this at all?

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