Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Running and the Aftermath

After days and weeks and months of not running, I finally hit the streets on Monday. Originally I planned to go for spin class, but lately it's been impossible to book the dang class and every time I walk in it's full up....which is a real pain....The silver lining of course is that because I was all psyched up to do something, I felt inspired to hunt down my now dusty runners, my mp3 player and my good running attitude (that was hidden under cobwebs and other crap)...

It was a pleasant surprise to find the first 1km a breeze and very enjoyable. I haven't run in so long that every time I talk about it it winds up sounding like I hate running. The truth is I do dislike a lot of it immensely, but there are good moments and this first km was one of those moments. As always, my stitch set in pretty much after I was basking in the joy that is running and proceeded to get progressively worse as I went along. Still 2.5k down I was tired, sweaty and friends once more with running. Yes, that's all I did. And two days later I'm still aching. Sad, but true.

What I've done:
Saturday: 1hr Pilates
Monday: 2.5k run in 17:34 mins (Avg speed: 7:01 min/km)

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