Sunday, August 29, 2010

Crazy Long Walk Repeated

With Shawn this time! Shawn got dragged in because he went on for a good many days how easy it was to walk 50 Km and so he pretty much couldn't get out of doing our walk. Fair play to him, despite virtually taking tiny baby steps the last 10km we did, he still wanted to press on till the end. Gina and I were the ones who decided to call it a day. We figured we didn't really have anything to prove. The distance and time we spent walking was pretty damn good, be it 48 or 55 km! That, and the fact, I'm pretty easily impressed with myself so well...

The walk this time around actually wasn't so bad for Gina and I, surprisingly. I think, having done this stupidly long route before, we went in with very low expectations. And as is always the case, when your expectations are really low, chances are you'll end up being pleasantly surprised! Of the route, Gina and I were dreading the bit through NUS (National University of Singapore) but when we actually got through it we agreed it really wasn't all that bad. The brain is a funny thing that is able to skew your perceptions of things. Other than my sore soles, the major issue on the walk hit me about 30 km in when every moment we stopped walking, be it to stretch or rest, my calves would just seize up and cramp. And it'd take a good 10 minutes of walking before they started half functioning again. That being said though, I think I handled this walk a lot better than the last one. So congratulations my two girls for surviving through this again; well done Gina, we went a little further than the last time!; and a giant pat on the back for Shawn on his virgin ultra walk that he survived, aches, pains and all!

I iced my calves before I slept last night, and tried to ice my feet but they hurt too dang much. So today I'm a bit sore, but my poor poor feet are the ones taking the toll of yesterday's walk.

What I did:
Friday: Swam 600m in 16:47 minutes
Yesterday: Walked 48K in 14 hours 50 minutes

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