Thursday, August 19, 2010

Long Swim

After my run on Monday, I was a bit lazy on Tuesday and skipped swim training. I was originally supposed to go for spin classes but once again it was all booked up. (I hate my gym!). So yesterday, because I was feeling guilty for not doing anything on Tuesday, I decided to head to the pool at home and go for a long swim - or at least, long by my standards.

Originally planned to do 20 laps in the pool non-stop, but that plan got changed to 4 sets of 300m instead. I don't really like my new goggles. Water somehow keeps getting in from goodness knows where and it keeps fogging up. Anyway, being ever prepared for this situation, I bought another pair of goggles with this pair, so hopefully those fit better. It's just so dang hard to try on a pair of goggles when you're not in a pool. How would I know how good they are if there's no water around when I'm trying them! Gah...oh well...

Today my legs still ache from my run and there is a very very slight bit of soreness from my swim. Overall though, I think I'm set for another 2.5k run tomorrow! HUGE goals I set for myself!

What I did:
4 x 300m: 33:56mins

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