Thursday, November 12, 2009

My New Shoes, a 4k Run and a 1k Walk

This is a bit late, but I got new shoes two weeks ago. My trusty Asics Landreths have carried me through numerous races and got me through a 10 miler as well...but the cushioning was starting to wear out and my legs were giving me grief each time I ran. So I now I have a pair of shiny silver Asics. Nimbus this time and I bought Sole insoles because I was just tired of not having any arch support.

I trudged down to Feder Sports again to get Jeremy's take on what sort of shoe I needed this time and was kind of put off when he brought out my very 'bling' pair of Asics. I mean, I'm not a super speedy runner as it is, BUT going out running with these shiny, shiny shoes was just yelling at people to look at how slow I was was! I have to put pictures of my shoes up soon. They're super white - I look like a total non-runner, and shiny silver - space cadet, BUT the cushioning...oh the cushioning. It's like running on air. If I could just get Asics to design a more aesthetically pleasing shoe and make the shoe just a wee bit lighter, this shoe'd be heaven. As it is, running in it has been rather enjoyable....till last night.

My plans to do a 7k run got shot down about 100m into my run last night. Firstly, the weather wasn't great. I know I go on and on about running weather and I sound like a spoilt little child throwing a tantrum, but it really is depressing running when everything around is so darn hot! Secondly, my legs started aching pretty early into the run. I probably should have given them another day's rest (cross train!) instead of running again. Ah well, I guess I'll try to fit a swim in sometime soon and get a run in before the week's done. Anyhow, I did 4 miserable km yesterday and to make myself feel better, rounded that off with a 1k brisk-ish walk.

What I did last night:
"Ran" 4k in 33 mins
Walked 1k in 11 mins

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