Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Easy 13k

Ever since I've bought my compression pants I haven't really used them a great deal. I wore them in Manchester when I did a run there and (if I remember) to sleep after a hard run. The truth is I look like I'm trying too hard when I wear them. And that's a big deal for a gear head like me to admit. However, now that I'm trying to cut down muscle recovery time in between longer runs (and for me that's anything over 10k) I figured I'd wear them under my shorts when I do my longer runs. The problem with that is the laughing. I had a bunch of colleagues laugh and make stupid jokes about my "leg warmers" yesterday. The same colleagues who don't run at all, much less complete a 10k. Well, that's my consolation, but it still sucks being laughed at.

Anyhoo, I'm finally back on the saddle and I got a 13k under my belt yesterday. It's moments like yesterday that I'm so so sure my God exists! R says that God has better things to do than listen to prayers that are lame, but I've always felt that God is a God of big AND little things and that He's capable and wants to hear everything. Long story short, I prayed for good running weather last night (on top of world peace etc etc) and it was the best running weather I've had in a long long time - I think probably since the Yellow Ribbon Run! Nice little drizzle so it wasn't too hot and no thunder or lightning!

I took a different route home this time because I wanted to go a bit longer and the change was good. It was a bit more challenging because of that short little stretch up Fort Canning hill, but overall I had fun. I'm saying that probably because, again, the weather was just great.

The compression pants worked too because today my legs aren't aching too crazily. They're tired, but I guess that's to be expected. My hip, however, is hurting a lot, which means it's time to google how to sort that. I think they should make a special search engine just for hypochondriacs.

What I did last night
Ran 13k in 1 hr 48 minutes

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