Monday, November 2, 2009

Great Eastern Women 10k Race Report

It's been a whole year since I've done this race! And this year G and I didn't do so well. G has been studying really hard for her bar exam and hasn't had time to train while I still can't get rid of that persistent lingering cough and well I've also been really lazy. Nonetheless I decided at the beginning of the race that it was unlikely I was going to break my PR (much less finish the race in under 1 hour) so I'd take it easy and treat it as another 10k. G's aim was to just complete the run without walking (actually her aim was to run 5k, walk the other and finish in 2 hours...which frankly I was not going to let her do!) so we both ran together at an easy pace. Well, a far too easy pace, I reckon, because we managed to chat the entire 10k and I had energy to run around a lot asking people if they had extra tissue paper for me to blow my dripping nose. Yeah, my nose was acting up yesterday.

All in, I rather enjoyed the GE race. Not because it was a particularly fantastic race per se (although I don't have anything to complain about for a change! big wow!) but because it actually was rather fun catching up with Gina while running (exercise!) at the same time. I'm not saying that I'll give up the joy of catching up with a good mate over a beer, but catching up while running comes pretty close.

Race time: 1:24:45 (a far far cry from my 1:09:47 last year)

R and I went off to the Singapore Open because Rinaldo scored us some course tickets. It actually turned out to be a pretty fun day, despite me getting a bit too much sun. I thought it'd be boring as hell, but it wasn't as slow as I thought it'd be and, minus my tired legs and crazy heat, the combination of beers and golf go very very well. Next year I'm going dressed properly though - definitely wearing clothes with wicking material so I wouldn't be a big sopping mess like I was this year (pretty picture, isn't it?)

What I've done since the last entry but been too lazy to write down:
Monday last week: 6.85k
Wednesday last week: Intervals 4 X 400m

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