Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Short Break

So there has been no update for the past couple of weeks (months, even?) because I've just been lazy. I got a bit of swimming in here and there but nothing much else. Since my mum insisted I had to attend my Grandmother's 80th birthday instead of doing a halfie, I quite happily acquiesced and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing.

In some other news, G has moved to Melbourne, which means my only training buddy is now an expensive text message away. It's going to be a lot harder (and more expensive) to text her incessantly on how proud I am of my running/swimming/jumping achievements. Boo hoo. Good news is she'll be back next month for a wedding and to take part in the Tri-Factor Sprint Tri with me. That actually kind of reads as bad news as well since it pretty much means I have to actually get my act together and get my ass back on the saddle again.

Meanwhile I leave you with some pretty hideous pictures from the Bintan Triathlon

"Running" out from the swim leg

There are actually shots of me smiling on the bike leg. I've no idea why. I look a bit deranged smiling to myself though!

My new found friend...whose name I didn't know. We walked a good 1k together and here we were trying to look like we were "running" it. Good work on her though, she did the entire race (that's 20k on the bike saddle) in her swim suit!

Tearing my way back...that chick in pink behind me (part of some relay team, which explains her energy!) overtook me just before the finish line...Beeeee-yatttchhhh!

If anyone could look more constipated on finishing a race it'd be me.

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Alex Tan said...

yeah, does look a little constipated ...