Monday, March 12, 2012

Singapore has No Hills

But it didn't feel like that yesterday. Partly because I was lazy to haul my bike halfway across the island for a 20k ride and partly because I wanted to check out something different. "Different" kicked my sorry little ass.

Rifle Range Road is a 5-minute drive from where I stay and is basically a long (I thought wrong!) road that is about 2.5k from Mayfair Park to the end of the road. I parked the gas guzzler at the end of the road and still didn't have any inkling of the pain and burn that was to come. In fact, I had walked that road twice to get from the Nature Reserve to Macritchie and yet I still had it in my head that it was all going to be a nice, pleasant ride.

Long story short, it was torture. I haven't been on my bike properly in ages and my legs actually felt like it had rusted over. I had to go to my absolute lowest gear to get up some of the slopes and my lungs felt like they'd burst at the top of each climb. Obviously I also felt a bit like a loser especially with all these runners, long boarders and hikers around me silently judging (or so I thought) my slow, slow plodding up the dang slopes. Needless to say, I rode out and back and popped my bike back on my car and drove home. I was past the point of caring if anyone noticed I had only gone down to do a 15 min bike ride and a grand total of 5k.

So although I was supposed to put in 20k of cycling in this weekend, I only managed 5k. I think I was also supposed to squeeze in a run. It would seem I’m not doing so well following my schedule!

What I did:
Sat: 4 x 300m swim
Sun: 5k bike ride (woohoo!)


Anonymous said...

when you say longboarders.. you are referring to skate boards?

Gerry said...

Haha...yes! Not windsurfing-longboards. I was confused the last time too!