Friday, January 11, 2013

What I've Missed

My legs ached after the next day after my 2k run/walk. Pretty depressing. Still in my bid to cram as much ‘training’ as I could in the week before the race, I hit the gym and pedaled my way to race fitness…or at least as close as I could get to some semblance of it given the lack of time. This pretty much means my legs haven’t actually stopped aching since Tuesday. I kind of regret being a bit of a lazy arse the past couple of days now.

That being said, I did miss the aches. The past few weeks where I was down with the flu have been a chance for me to get a good rest after the 50k walk, but I was literally going stir crazy after a couple of days. Thankfully, I had friends in town so I was kept sort of occupied, but I still missed doing something…or moving. And more than just restlessness, it really felt as if something was missing.

You see, every time I go out for a run, a walk or hit the pool, there is that alone-ness that I actually really like. I actually enjoy those few minutes where nothing is going through my head except things like ‘dang, that’s a song I haven’t heard in ages’ or ‘wow, that stitch came on pretty fast’ (before all that is swiftly taken over by my incessant whinging in my head). Then there are those days where everything that could go wrong has and all I want to do is pull out my shoes and go for a run…a sort of metaphorical escape from it all. And yes all the crap is still there when you’re done, but those few minutes you were out there, they just stopped mattering for a while.

What I basically beating on about is that whilst my quads are still aching 3 days after doing my sad little 2k attempt at a run, my head is grateful for that 20 minutes much missed reprieve. So there you go, there’s my ‘sort-of’ admission that I do like running more than I make it out to.

What I’ve done:

Wednesday – 20 mins on stationary bike

Thursday – 15k on stationary bike

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