Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Longest 2km Ever

After doing nothing except maybe a swim or two during the festive period because I was either banned by my podiatrist from running or just down with the flu, I decided to go for a run yesterday. I figured it'd be good to get a couple of km under my belt before the adventure race on Sunday that I have done absolutely no training for.

I pretty much got a stitch not very far into the run and I had to slow to a walk just under 1km. After walking off the stitch, I managed to get back into a sort of trot-run and then it was back to walking again. It took me a good 20 minutes to finish 2km which is a complete morale sap. And despite it being such a pathetic attempt at a run, my foot still hurt after and I had to ice it again. Ah joy. I foresee the upcoming adventure race being a wonderfully enjoyable event!

Meantime, I got my results back from the X-ray I did last week and I have no fractures (woohoo!) but the sesamoids on my left foot are considerably smaller than those on my right. Essentially they're not happy with all the weight on them. As to why they were perfectly fine for 30 over years of my life but are now acting up is beyond me. All the same, woohoo for no fractures!

What I've done:

Saturday - 1.5k swim 
-                     360m warm up
-                     240m drills
-                     240m kicks
-                     120m strokes
-                     240m free/breast
-                     240m IM swim
-                     240m cool down

Yesterday – 2k run/walk

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