Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nike Goddess 5k Race Report

Well considering how the last race that I convinced the girls to run got rained out, we were all raring to go for the Nike run. Either C,G,or I are jinxed, and once again before the rain started there was a massive storm. Thunder, lightning...the works. Now what was actually nice about this race was that they gave us text updates on whether the race would start on time or not. Which was a pretty nice touch.

In the end the rain stopped before the race start, but somehow it still started late. Which made a bunch of people mad (judging from the angry comments on facebook). We had good company, had a nice little chit chat whilst waiting so it was all good.

The thing is this race touted itself as a BFF run so I guess I didn't really take it very seriously. To me it was just going to be a leisurely 5k that I was going to run with G and catch up on life and all that, especially since she's been so crazily busy lately! That probably wasn't so good for anyone else who was running for time. Because the race was in Sentosa (which I really liked because at least for once the race route was somewhere other than East Coast or the F1 pit stands!) there were areas where the road narrowed a little and obvious bottlenecks formed. G and I just walked those times. C and her running buddy had by this time shot ahead of us and we didn't see them till the end.

I've nothing to complain about the run itself. I liked how it was a different route for a change, I liked that it was nice and overcast and drizzly (not really something the race organisers can take credit for), I liked that it was in the afternoon and I didn't have to drag myself out at stupid o'clock and I liked the text updates.

Now post-run was a different story. It had started to rain then so having a bottleneck going from the end of the race to bag collection was expected to some extent. They could have widened the walkway, but I still wasn't that fussed over it. The main thing was waiting to collect my bags. Have a system for crying out loud! It is a total no-no having to wait longer for my bag than it is to actually run the race! It is an even bigger no-no when the wait is 2, if not 3, times longer than my run time! I didn't have time to have any beers after and I was late meeting my friend for dinner. Pffffft. And we weren't even the worst. The queues were so long, people actually ended up standing in the sea (bag collection was on the beach). I'm just glad it wasn't us!

Time taken: 45:27 mins (wow, G and I had a 45 minute conversation!)

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