Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back to Spin

Yesterday was my first time back to spin in forever. I knew it was going to be tough. But I didn't know it was going to be THAT tough! I think I spent half the class looking at the clock hoping that by staring at it long enough I would magically move time faster with my sheer will. The other half of the class I spent debating with myself whether I should just hobble out of the class in shame.

Every time we were made to stand up and pedal, I died a little. Plus, each time the instructor made us do that it seemed like forever before we actually got back on the saddle. It was miserable and sweaty. Oh so sweaty. I also cheated a little (confession time!) by having tons and tons of ‘water breaks’ and ‘brow wiping’ just so I could seat my sorry little ass back down, if even for 2 seconds.

My personal instructor had warned me that the afternoon spin classes weren’t very good and that they’d be boring. Pah! If only I had time to be bored! My brain was on overdrive (screaming not-so-nice words, incidentally) the entire while.

The class was, however, dismally small. There were only 3 crazy people bobbing up and down their stationary bikes and my only bone to pick with the instructor was I never really knew what he was saying. But (and big BUT here) at least the guy was on his bike the whole while suffering every bit as much as we were. And because misery craves company, it made me feel a little bit better that at least he was feeling the burn. Ages ago I went for the evening class where the instructor talked a lot and walked around the class singing to his own songs. Maybe some people find those classes more fun, but it just always pisses me off when I’m suffering and the source of my pain isn’t suffering along with me!

Today I’m slated for a run but my thighs ache so much. I guess I’ll still run (or at least stumble around) because I feel a wee bit bad that I skipped out on swim training yesterday. Which brings me to the conclusion that I’d rather do 1 hr of swim training over a 45 minute spin class any day!

What I did:
45 min spin

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