Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Morning Exercise

and I don't really get along. I tried an early morning run on Tuesday and felt like throwing up after not going very far. I think it's something to do with gastric juices bouncing around....or I'm just not used to running that early and maybe if I did it more often, my stomach would get used to the motion.

Meanwhile, my heart goes out to the Japanese and the people in Japan. I've been both saddened and also uplifted that in the face of all this sadness, there have been stories of selflessness and courage. I'll be keeping them in my prayers! I just want something to go right for Japan! They've had no good news at all in the last 6 days.

What I've done:

Last Thursday - 1hr Personal Training (mainly TRX)

- Cycled less than 10k and got completely rained on
- Swam 1.2k

- 2k Run in 13:37 mins
- 1hr Personal Training (mainly circuit training)

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