Monday, October 4, 2010

Tri-Factor Series: HP Freshmen Triathlon Race Report

I woke up at 4am to some crazy ass storm going on and first thought was 'you gotta be kidding me...after all my training, the race is going to be cancelled?!?!?' Well, it didn't but it sure made for a very muddy race.

So thanks to the storm, everything got pushed about 20 minutes back, which meant, the banana I ate on the cab ride to the race had pretty much digested itself when the race started. Note to self: Eat slightly nearer to race as opposed to 2 hours before!

Essentially, the condition of the race area sucked through no fault of the organisers. The rain had just pissed down and made the entire field just one gross mess. I got to a stage where I just gave up with the flip flops because they just kept getting stuck in the mud and wound up walking around the muddy field barefoot. Not that that was any more pleasant. Mud stuck between toes...yech!

After setting up, and trust me it wasn't easy with all the crap I was stuck in, I bumped into Gina and we both started doing our warm-ups. Not good, crap loads of swells! And after we finished, we realised our wave was going to start later. By the time the wave started we had taken to sitting around somewhere and wasting all the 'warm-up' we'd done before.

The swim leg was...well...crap. I think in all the sea races I've done, I've never been kicked and hit so much. I know I whine about this every time and say that 'this is the most I've been kicked!' each time, but I swear that it does get more and more painful each race I'm doing. I've the bruises to show for it, if anything. So essentially when I got into the sea and started my swim, I got stuck in breast-stroker's hell. Every dang person around me was doing breast-stroke and it was just impossible to make any progress. I was doing too much and not getting anywhere. I decided to slow down, because even before I got to the first turn, I was pretty wrecked. My brain then kicked in and I thought I'd go out of the mass of breast-strokers and swim on the outside bit. Then my brain stopped working and somehow I ended up going the wrong way. Yes and I did that twice. Real bright. Near the end of the leg, I couldn't feel my arms and I was pretty out of it. Baaaaad start to the race, especially since the swim leg is my best leg and if I screwed that up, I pretty much can kiss good-bye to even completing the rest of it.

Transition was just a mess. I tried to run carrying out my bike but almost lost my shoes in the sticky mud and was just short of falling flat on my face. Plus after the gruelling sea swim, thinking I could 'run' whilst hoisting my bike on my shoulder was pretty far-fetched.

Bike leg was okay. I was panting like a dog and I guess my heart rate was all over the place. I tried to pedal as fast as my little legs could go but kept tiring and slowing down. Also to all those asses out there yelling and screaming at me...argh! Ugly ugly sports people, you bunch are! I was supposed to turn right at the 5k loop and you guys were in MY way! Plus it really isn't my fault that they set up the race in THAT way. Gah. Asses.

My run went rather dismally. I blame my mud-caked shoes which felt like I was running with weights on my feet. Well, I guess at least I didn't walk the whole while, but I did stop to trot every 5 minutes or so. I did make a friend whilst strolling and met another chica I'd talked to previously at another race, so the race did get a little more fun. After all that walking, running slowly and talking, I finally mustered up what little energy left to stick myself behind some chick's ass and used her as a pacer. Did some desperate dash (used fast and loose here) in the last 100m and pretty much died!

Overall I thought I had a lousy race yesterday. I was disappointed in my swim most and just the muddiness that was yesterday was just well...gross. I went to collect my medal for my swim race from ages ago. R was super nice and came down to watch the race as well to stand around and be my camera-man during the awards ceremony. Pictures to follow when I get less lazy.

Today though, the provisional results are out and what a difference a day makes! After spending the whole of yesterday feeling lousy, I realise I didn't suck that much! I finished 17th of 55 people - placed 8th for the swim leg, 18th for the bike leg and (a rather embarrassing) 30th for the run leg. So to all my friends who always believed in me, more than I believed in myself (and trust me, I have a pretty big head) - I love you all! Thanks for the encouragement and good thoughts sent my way!

Provisional race results:
Swim leg (200m) - 05:06 mins (vs 08:20 mins at OSIM)
Bike leg (10k) - 25:57 mins (vs 33:18 mins at OSIM)
Run leg (2.4k)- 16:13 mins (vs 15:38 mins at OSIM for 2k)
Overall - 47:16 mins

I kicked my OSIM triathlon self's ass! - Yes I know the sentence just doesn't seem like a very grammatically correct one...


Anonymous said...

Woohoo!!! Go CELEBRATE !! You're supercool !
:D :D :D


Gerry said...

Thanks Jo!!!!