Monday, September 27, 2010

The Countdown Begins!

6 more days to the Tri-Factor Triathlon and I still feel rather unprepared. On one hand, I feel like I haven't quite run far enough, swam long enough and biked often enough. But on the other, I have tried biking and running after (which I didn't do at the OSIM triathlon) and I think in that sense, I am more prepared for the burn!

**Rant alert**
I don't understand what it is with people going on about how short the distances are for this triathlon and laughing about how I'm doing a lame triathlon when they're the same people who sit on their asses all day doing nothing. Bah!

What I've done:

Last Tuesday
- 45 minute core yoga class
- Swim training

I still dislike yoga immensely. I dislike the lady with the stupid zen voice and I dislike how it's just such a static sport.

Last Friday
- 45 minute Spin Class

Which I think I will never ever turn up for again. I think there are two kinds of people in the world - one who require people screaming at them to get anything done and the other who needs to be encouraged/persuaded to get something done. I belong to the latter group of people. I don't see why I should go for a class to be screamed at. I'm not a pro-athlete and frankly I need someone to push me a little bit more, not someone to insist that her way is the right way and me wind up with a knee ache the next day.

- 1 hr Pilates

Because of knee ache, I just didn't get as much out of it as I would like to have.

- 30 minute bike ride + 2.5k run in 17 minutes

I bought myself a trainer because I realise that it's easy to justify not biking when I have the excuse of how it is a real hassle hauling my bike to and fro from East Coast. So no excuses now, if I'm too lazy to drive down to East Coast, I just set my bike up and spin away. Cons: It is soooooo dull and warm biking on a trainer!

- 45 minute TRX session with my personal trainer

I expect my abs won't be too happy tomorrow seeing how I whooped its ass today!

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Anonymous said...

Hey gerry, what is TRX?

Have fun on your upcoming challenge. :)