Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My First Attempt at Getting Back into Things

Total FAIL. So I still have that nagging little cough that absolutely refuses to disappear. It's not even a real cough, just like this little cough that comes up every couple of hours. Bah.

On Sunday I decided enough was enough. When I was doing stuff, at least if I had a bad day, I'd take a swim or a run (well, rarely now), now at one of the more drama moments in my life I have no outlet to release all this pent-up angst. I've tried talking about things over many many glasses of wine. But frankly, I'm tired of the wine, tired of the talking and all I really want to do is go out and do something!

So Sunday I decided I needed to get a bike ride in. I took my poor neglected bike out and realised my tyres were kind of flat. No problem I thought, there was a bike shop by the main road, so all I had to do was cycle out and get the tyres all pumped up and then I could head to East Coast Park and get a 20k bike ride in. The shop was shut. Well, I wasn't going to throw a tantrum just yet! There were at least 4 bike shops all the way from Second Avenue to Sixth Avenue and that was just a short cab ride away.

However, after getting turned down by 4 cabbies - because I had a bike and they couldn't be arsed to open their boots...and I couldn't be bothered to argue with them about how I knew my bike would fit in because I've popped it in the boot numerous times - I was getting kind of at the end of my patience. Thankfully a very nice and kind taxi stopped and helped me load my bike and we were on our way!

Judging by how I'm the official jinx of this year's World Cup (every single team I've supported has been kicked out), I wasn't too successful with my bid to get my tyres pumped. All the shops were shut. Every.Single.One. Siiiiiiigh.....

What was my solution? I dragged my bike over to my neighbourhood bar and got me beer. A nice cold beer because the day was just becoming a huge fail. A nice cold beer because I just needed to accomplish something for the day and if drinking was it, I could make do.

So my exercise for the day - I rode my bike to the overhead bridge, lugged it over my shoulder and crossed the bridge, then rode it back home. A grand total of 2 kilometres logged. Woo hoo. Guess who woke up the next morning an aching right arm and sore thigh muscles? I really don't know if I should laugh or cry that I've become this pathetic.

First attempt at getting back into things - FAIL

I'm off to Langkawi on Friday. Hopefully I can get a bike ride in, some climbing in and kayaking....or it could rain all weekend and I'll come back feeling unaccomplished again.

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