Friday, July 30, 2010

Back to Normality

Finally finally finally! After more or less going stark raving mad from all the inactivity, I got back started on swim training. I did my first one in ages last week and my arms were aching so much after! Over the weekend I did a 2k walk...yes yes, pathetic...and got a bike ride in on Sunday...and although it was a rather lame distance, it was better than nothing.

Yesterday I went back for swim training again. This time I did the whole chunk of drills and stuff set out for the day and boy oh boy does my back ache! But there is this amazing sense of satisfaction that I really can't get from doing anything else. The feeling of completing 2k over in swim drills and living to do it one more time. Granted I wasn't the speediest and most of the time I felt like dying, but I wouldn't trade last night's training for a night of drinks. Not that I'm an alcoholic!

I am glad I'm back. It's been a rough couple of weeks/months that went by. On a personal level front there's been so much going on - big decisions to make involving tears, grinding of teeth and a whole lot of moping. That I couldn't even find an outlet for all that pent up frustration was a complete nightmare. Sometimes I realise I'd just drive myself crazy if I didn't do anything....which I pretty much almost did this time around!...all the same, I'm back now! Muay Thai tonight!

What I've done since I've last updated (excluding the biking we did at Langkawi):

Thursday before last: 30 minutes swim training
Last Friday: 600m swim
Saturday: Walked 2k
Sunday: Cycled 10k (possibly less)
Thursday: Swim training (2.25k in all)

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Anonymous said...

yay! good job!!

Jo :)