Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back in the Pool

I have realised after returning to the UK how lethargic I feel in this country. I forgot how my university days were spent in constant inertia. I think it's the weather here. I have no idea why I find it easier to get out and do something in the heat and humidity of Singapore but in, what most people deem more pleasant temperatures, I just can't seem to find the motivation to leave the house.

Since R and I have moved over to the UK, I've only managed to make it to pilates and even then it was a poor, half-hearted attempt at movement because every reason to get out of going for classes was good enough for me to skip the day's class. I blamed the rain, the cold and a lot of excuses - all ending with 'well I can start tomorrow'.

Finally,  two weeks ago I decided that this laziness had gone on long enough and I went to sign up for a gym. It took me two whole weeks to run out excuses and realise that I was essentially wasting money each day I procrastinated so today I finally made it to the pool in the gym. When I got to the pool (which wasn't even that big to begin with) it was full and I had no idea how the lanes worked. Thankfully I stood around looking confused long enough to apparently mentally will all the people in the slow lane out so I had a whole lane to myself. And how unfit I found myself.

Gone are the days of 1.5k being an average training session. I was completely knackered after 800m. And of that 800m, I spent about half of it warming up and cooling down. And the bulk of the rest of it doing drills. Then I made a stab at interval training. That lasted two whole laps before I gave up. During that time the 20m pool felt way too long on the length back. How on earth did I even do this in a 30m pool before! I was a pathetic mess at the end of the session being both breathless and just physically spent. On a mere 800m swim in the slow lane. Sigh.....well, there's always tomorrow...

Swim: 800m

320m warm up
320m drills (alternate freestyle/breast stroke)
2 x 40m intervals
80m cool down

This is me checking back into this blog trying to claw my way back to fitness. Hopefully it all doesn't just end with today!

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