Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hi there, aching quads!

After goodness knows how long not running because of the darn sesmoiditis, I finally decided to venture out for a run this week. The grand plan was to do this on Tuesday, but I couldn't find my mp3 player (I only ever use the mp3 player for runs, so no running = mp3 player chucked in some safe hidey hole that I couldn't locate!) so I ended up on the stationary bike again.

Yesterday I managed to get hold of the lost mp3 player after turning my room upside down and hit the roads with a whole run/walk plan i.e. run 500m, walk 500m, run 500m, walk 500m. With Beyonce blasting in the background I ended up doing 1.5k before I realised I was supposed to take it easy. Well, that and my ankles were aching, my legs felt tired, and I had a stitch get the picture. Essentially I was forced to walk because my body just couldn't handle this sudden running thing. Plus I started off way too fast all things considering, so I was pretty breathless by the time I hit 1.5k.

Today my quads ache. After a measly 1.5k of running. Evidently working out on the elliptical doesn't translate to running on the road. Ah well, baby steps.

What I did:
2k (1.5k run/0.5k walk) in 18 minutes

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