Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Bunch of Weird-Ass Race Photos

Race Report in pictures

Pre-race fiddling

Why? Why do I make faces when I get out of the water?

Lumbering back to the transition point. No hurry, no can tell I'm totally out to break a record for how much I can take it easy at a race.

My stretch of shame where I got off my bike and pushed it up the hill.

This is near the start of the race and the chick on the right overtakes me not long after this photo. As does everyone behind me in that photo.

I run weird. Although I also look like I float on air, which is pretty cool if it were true.

An actual proper picture of me - As I ran in the emcee shouted "smile" and instinctively I smiled. So I actually look like this run was a total breeze. Don't be fooled.

I also stop running funny, almost like I'm doing a jig...

So here's a picture of me opening my mouth post-race. No idea why the photographers thought they should upload a whole bunch of weird photos of me. But then I went and paid money to download them. What does that say about me?

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Anonymous said...

Great pics. Yeah.. you did look like you're just breezing through.

Jo :)